Saturday, April 13, 2013

AMERICAN DESI GIRL Chapter 4 Tragedy Plus Time equals Comedy


Chapter 4 

Tragedy Plus Time equals Comedy

Papa’s friend who was a member of the chamber of commerce and aspiring congressman was visiting all those whom he knew asking them for their support. Papa had been his friend, philosopher and brutal appraiser of b^!!$)!+t for ever. He had been best man at his wedding too. Last year Papa had spent his own money and a week in the desert donating time and expertise to a Habitat for Humanity kind of a project friend and wife had pledged to far from home. And now, late into the summer evenings, Papa was helping him with the door-to-door campaign.

The reception they received was uneven. That was an education in itself. Some were happy just to see the candidate, the person, the one they had known as a child, or as a neighbor, or colleague, and enquired after his health and wellbeing and family. Some had a shutter drop over their eyes as soon as the word ‘vote’ was mentioned, or ‘congress,’ or ‘election.’ Some were perplexed for no obvious reason. Some wanted a complete list of his past accomplishments, misdemeanors, and a plan of action starting now, going into the distant future before they could part with their ballot.

About fifty five days into the endeavor they were at a friends’ whom the candidate had helped settle into student housing years ago, and then with tips on what to study, how to interview, and the immigration process, the works. His reaction was unforeseeable.

“I am not political.”
“You are eligible to vote so I am just asking you for your support.”
“You politicians are either too far to the left or too far to the right. You can’t find one sensible man to vote for.”

That, he and Papa surmised was goodbye and they walked to the car.

Papa’s friend was aghast at the lack of acknowledgement and the lack of plain old friendship. But he had learned to roll with the punches it seemed. Out of the situation came this droll remark, ”So if we politicos are too far to the left or too far to the right maybe he could kiss my a^$@ not too far to the left, not too far to the right, just smack dab in the middle.”

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