Tuesday, April 23, 2013


This poem was inspired by the book "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Her eyes on one shard
Her voice on another
That was his reality

When he was lucky
There’d be a touch of color
And the brokenness amused him

By becoming a kaleidoscope when he turned his head
This way and that but there still were
A million little pieces he’d have to collate in his mind

He walked through the desert
And accidentally stepped on a rose crushing it to pieces
The air filled with a sweet perfume

A while later he stepped on fennec scat ossified that cracked open
And the air filled with stench
So bad he knew he’d stepped on something bad

Further away, way down the road
His misfortune was to step on a snake that
Bit him on the ankle making him comatose

Slipping in and out of venom-induced sleep
He frothed at the mouth and felt very helpless
Angry and weak as never before

The sun grew hotter and scorched his skin
Thirst played games with his mind
On a terrain where mirages are commonplace

Suddenly the veil before his eyes lifted
And nothing was the same anymore
The world had healed seamlessly
                                                                         ~ Sonali

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