Friday, April 12, 2013

Human Capital

Previously published in Muse India, and more importantly, quoted by someone super amazing at a very very important place :)
Let's see if you can figure out who and where.
Clues ...
Rose garden
A few years ago
New Delhi

Human Capital

What dark god would they be praying to
Those who play Cronus or Kans or Herod devouring their young?
Where goes the image of motherly love and femininity
When you are reminded of Lilith?

What happens when cultures devour their own future?
You end up with lost cities in the sky?
Is that all?
Consider what else is lost

Why must we wait and still do nothing
When gas chambers are being built
Poppy seeds are being sown
Children are being sold?

What if we stopped selling ourselves short?
What if we refused the executioner within?
What if we refused to remain numb?
It’s easier said than done

~ Sonali

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