Friday, July 12, 2013


Published earlier in The Writing Disorder

There’re some of us
Who cannot stand
On two feet
Like the homo erectus
Because we are the lotophagi

We cannot think
Nor act nor speak
Nor live according to our wishes
But we do the master’s bidding
Who feeds us the lotophagi

We’ve bartered our souls
A little at a time
And unwittingly given a little
Of the body and the mind each time
As a package deal of the lotophagi

We see pictures
Of street children
Sleeping on the footpaths
Of Mumbai or Kolkata or Hyderabad
And we’re looking at us the lotophagi

Numbed beyond human suffering
Our codes of conduct are not
Those that serve our best interests
Or those of our offspring
We’re broken as the lotophagi

It is time to reimagine the scenario
The lotus sutra proves it is not the lotus
That is evil
It is those who misuse it
And that are the lotophagi

Look that captor in the eye
Let the light of your soul shine
Through your brokenness
And say
I am no more enslaved

                                                                                           ~  Sonali

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