Sunday, July 21, 2013


Previously published in Calliope

I gave away love I didn’t have
Wiped away tears my eyes couldn’t shed
Sent missives with postage a few pennies short
Learned to play poker with just half a deck
Gave gifts of peace I didn’t own
And found the spark I had lost --

That all-disturbing photon of light
That melted my defenses
Against an unrelenting world
And found if you trust you are trusted
If you love you are loved
If you hate you are hated

I broke down the walls
And let the world fall in
Sprouted wings
And learned to sing
A new song
Come sing with me 

I unraveled the knots within
Through long sleepless nights
Laughed hard at jokes never told
Looked at life anew
And learned to smile again
Smile back at me

I slipped free of that last shackle
Winked back at the mysteries of life
Took one long draught of that elixir
That keeps the shadows at bay
And danced the night away
Come dance with me

                                                                               ~  Sonali

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