Thursday, April 25, 2013


              An homage to some amazing women, who were amazing through everything, at all junctures in their lives, whether they were being celebrated, or being burned at the stake.

"night window" by indigodeep
 We’ve waited for the first snow of the season

For a while now, especially my little son

I peek from the picture window

To look for signs of a wintry mix

I look out again
The weatherman was dead wrong

The sky is so beautiful it makes me smile

Ouch! I need lip balm

Winter sky clearer than ever

Orion strides confident

Sirius at his heel

At my feet

Incongruous on a woebegone Sunday night

Blooms a flirty blood red Amaryllis

In a pot of blue and white chinoiserie

Amaryllis Red Lion | Amaryllis Bulbs for Sale |

♫Starry starry night♫

I wish I may I wish I might wish upon a star tonight

Or on the geometry of lilies

That look so like stars come down from the firmament

Mandalas on my freshly mopped floor

Om Hrim

Star of David

Najmat Dawuud

Lily in a pot

Lily Potter

Born in Aquarius

In the sixties

With startling green eyes

Whose love rendered the Avada Kedavra useless

Against Harry

A lily white

Pure and bright

Star of Bethlehem

Grows next to the red one

In her own pot of clay



Sweet baby Jehanne

"Joan of Arc" by Gaston Save

Martyred at scarcely nineteen

Ended a war of a hundred years

You live forever in our hearts

My eyes are drawn toward

The picture frame on the shelf

Compelled by the star shapes

Of yellow trumpet lilies

Seven on a stalk

Proclaiming their brassiness

On a ♫golden afternoon♫

I get up to feed the fish

The sea cucumber the sea urchin and the starfish                                                                                     
But it’s only the aforementioned star shape I see with new eyes

Stargazer that I am tonight

Starfish - Image: 
There’s something different about him tonight

Aha!!!! Pentagram not hexagram

And if he should lose a limb he’ll grow another, the smart one

Also Vitruvian Man the symmetrical one

Starfish, reflections of celestial stars on the ocean floor                                               

On the refrigerator door is a calendar

With golden pentacles I’ve given my son

On days he’s done his chores

Seals of approval that’ll earn him cash

And a work ethic and some righteous amour-propre I hope

Solomon was given both knowledge and wisdom I’m reminded

And wish the same for my cherub

Okay so it’s getting cloudy now
Can’t see Cetus nor Andromeda

Not Perseus neither

It’ll snow

Or sleet or rain we’ll see
And my lilies will wilt with the heater on

I’ll water them well poor dears

                                                                                     And let them pretend it’s the Sundarbans in here

And I’ll be happy for ♫ the bare necessities

The simple bare necessities ♫

And Raksha Baloo Bagheera

        And Kaa?

The googly-eyed one who hissed “Trusssssssssst in me”?

Should I? Trust? Him? 

Ha! I won the staring contest.

Images of a littoral mangrove
Blue Denim Cloth Background
Flood my imagination

Edenlike in their beauty

I have the distinct sensation

Of shedding exteriors

A clay mold splits open

I step out Woman

Red haired in a blue denim dress

My baby boy on my hip


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