Saturday, May 11, 2013


I was reading a book, many years ago, on personal transformation that asked the reader to write about each major life event describing our emotions. This was what I wrote for "Birth".
Not quite remembering I had written this I experienced this a few years later.
It was a confusing and traumatic experience at the time, and eventually profoundly healing, as well as empowering.
How do I thank my mother for this?

Back to the womb
To the giver of life and love
And a road map through this world
The winding lines and legends
Informing me and restricting me

Back to the mother
Whose love serves and dominates
And makes mistakes
And sets me right
All at the same time

Once more
I need that Motherly Love
To be born anew
For I have died
I think

The cocoon of your love
Once more Mama
To grow and be able
To breathe on my own
Would be nice

I feel it all around me
The sounds of the world are getting duller
Only the brightest light gets through
I hear the swoosh of your blood
And the lubdub of your heart

Fledgling life you hold in your arms
Once again
And tell me I am enough  
The radiance of your smile
Lights my way through the world                    
                                                                     ~ Sonali

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