Saturday, May 4, 2013


My little experiments with Truth succeeded 
In the sense
I found out what doesn’t work
Not at least in the long term

You pick up a shiny piece of rock
From the remnants of an erstwhile experiment
That blew up in your face and find out
Upon much consternation, it is Fool’s Gold

The ecstasy and the agony of such detours in life
Make much comedy possible or we might become
So blasé with nothing but uniform emotion
 Uniform behavior all stasis and no empirical change

It goes against the laws of Nature itself
And admit it, repetition does get boring
The comfort zone has its perks
But like power, total comfort corrupts totally

'Do I dare disturb the universe?'
I just did
Do I risk playing the Fool?
Stupid is as Stupid does

Why does magic fail eventually?
Why is it all smoke and mirrors?
Why can’t I hold the ephemeral in the hollow of my hand?
I either crush it with my grasp or it slips away from me

Toying with Alchemy taught me the pleasures
Of playing dominos with one hand and chess with the other
While reminiscing about the last game of paper chase
We played while we traded stocks on our blackberries

Life can be so simple if we will allow it to be
Even a unicellular life form knows
To move toward pleasure and away from pain
While we screw it up unable to tell between pleasure and pain

Why do we mislearn lessons about shadow and light
Pleasure and pain, blackgreywhite, pastpresentfuture
Good vs evil, the Virgin and the Whore, passion vs caution
Love and war, laughter and medicine, truth or consequences?

We then spend a lifetime erasing the errors of our faulty thinking
And that’s where I suppose Alchemy has its place, in the crevices
Between absolutes, between the colors VIBGYOR, on the bridge between
Love and war, in the flash we think we see between flashes from a firefly

Alchemy, or the hope of it, is what makes us ready for our saints
It prepares us to receive the joys of living
It puts an end to the lies we tell ourselves
It emboldens us to beat back the vampires who suck the life force from us
                                                                                        ~ Sonali
What about Gold - Mad Gold ???

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