Saturday, May 4, 2013



I got two puppies last summer and
On a whim named them Desire and Disappointment
And now I am stuck with them both
They confuse me when they’re together
Jostling and at one another’s throats
One won’t leave the other alone
They’re sucking up my oxygen
They’re no longer novel
Desire doesn’t age very well
Disappointment, on the hand,
Is easier on the eye as time goes by
But is not what I want
I tried to give them away
Like sick puppies
But went back for them anyway

“Give one away and let each
Have a home to himself
They don’t get along very well
You know that,” suggested a friend
“Which one?” I asked, a little too quickly
“You would be the best judge of that ,”
 Said my P C friend
“How about both?” I asked facetiously
Here I am several weeks later
With both Desire and Disappointment
Napping at my feet
Having just been fed on my peace of mind
I’ll let the sleeping dogs lie
I’ll worry another day
About what precisely
To do with them
                                                                                                 ~  Sonali

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