Thursday, May 23, 2013


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I was wandering through 
My brand new home
And did a double take

Adjacent to the doorway
Leading out of the hallway
Was another door
One I’d never seen before
Or perhaps hadn’t noticed

On the door was a silver grey banner
With a little elephant in black outline
That had a pink petunia on its head
Behind him in a procession
Were lined up the letters
I WANT in a nice large font

I reached for the doorknob
And mindlessly turned it anti-clockwise

Then it started 
A trickle at first
A trinket or two
A big box of chocolates 
From the chocolatier new
A stuffed baby giraffe 
In a tux so handsome
A rug for my room
That cost a king’s ransom
A boom box that boomed
Too loud to bear
The kiss for Snow White
That dislodged the pear
A porcelain dove 
With beautiful eyes
A stork, a bear
A harmonica that flies
The leaky faucet
From the Lacrimose Co.
Now with a nice fat stopper
To end its woe
Luggage that looked like
It’d been around the world
An exquisite desk
Of rosewood burled

Suddenly I stood in a room chock-ful with answered prayers
                                                                                                                   ~  Sonali


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