Thursday, May 23, 2013


Abbot and Costello
Hitler and Goring
Freud and Jung
Bush and Quayle
You get the point

There’s a place for seconds in this world
A place the seconds scoff at
And yet sometimes wear like a badge of honor
And sometimes escape to better things

What would it take for you to step out of the shadows and deal with the spotlight?

There would be the epithets
Usurper if it were sudden
Whore if you were young and female
Especially if you looked good in a dress
Witch if you were older and respectable
Gay if you were young attractive and male
Madman if you were older decisive and male

There’s no getting away from that

Remember the little slumdog covered in poo?
Mr. Bachchan saw nothing wrong with him
It was those with time on their hands
And no laurels to rest on who created all the fuss

Merlin knows Arthur is to be found somewhere hereabouts
Humble attentive quick worthy of the destiny he must fulfill           

                                                                                       ~  Sonali

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