Thursday, May 2, 2013



                 What is light in the absence of darkness?
                 What use is a lamp in broad daylight?
                 That is the power of the night

                 The mirror cracked from side to side ominously
                 And “Shallot”, “Camelot”, “Lancelot” stopped to rhyme
                 That’s the power of the heart of darkness

                 Who is Luke without Vader?
                 Which Mary, one of Nazareth or the one of Magdala?

                 Weren't they powerful women related to each other?

                 What is hope without fear?
                 What is plenty without famine?
                 What is The Apple to The Serpent?
                 What is The Apple to The Orange?
                 Who is Newton to The Apple?
                 Who is Gauri without Kali?
                 Not Parvati, I know

                 Taxonomy has failed
                 In case you haven’t noticed

                 I let the colors of the spectrum
                 Run into each other
                 And play upon my senses
                While I draw pleasure
                 From stealing power from
                 The dark

                                                                      ~  Sonali

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