Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Treasure Island - a short story in five poems

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A silly hat
Funny clothes
A hook for an arm
Polly on my shoulder
And of course the distinctive black patch on my eye
I wasn’t always a pirate you know
I was once a child
Full of fun

Somewhere along the way
I made a couple of stupid mistakes
Got pushed around a lot
Lost an eye I was told
In the fracas
And a patch was placed over me bad eye AARRRGGGHH

Hey I looked the part
So I lived it
Loved it a while
But I’m tired now

I was sitting on me little island
Under a coconut tree
Counting the waves on the sea
A coconut landed on my head
Cut a big gash in it
The gash swelled
And forced the eye patch out of place OUCH

I wasn’t blind in that eye!!!
I had believed I was for years !!!!!
And believed erroneously !!


Seeing with both eyes is disorienting
I was walking into coconut trees for a while
Before I learnt to see depth
And gauge distance correctly

Now that I’m hurt again
One of those unfortunate instances
That was a direct result
Of poor depth perception

Love for the open seas
The quest for mermaids
And gold
And a realization of a wasted youth 

I’m lying comatose
Under a coconut tree again
Hoping another coconut won’t fall on me 
While I blink at the blue sky
Showing through the fronds above

I don’t care anymore
I’ll always be one of the nine pirates
For the one poet
That every family boasts of

So be it

The gash is starting to rot
They’ll find a skeleton someday
And hopefully the map
To me buried treasure
My only legacy
They will ever appreciate
The world is hungry for gold

I must be dying
For I can hear mermaids singing
I was told and rightly so
♫Don’t go swimming with the mermaid son
If you don’t know how to swim♫ 
She’ll go for the shiny rock set in gold

The old eye patch in my pocket 
Is burning a hole in it
I like the old familiar feeling
Of going about
Seeing with one eye

I hear the mermaid
And know she’s a waste of time
Waste of space if you ask me
I hope some fisherman takes her away for ever 


Just then a big wave 
Took the pirate out to sea
And like baby birds falling through air
Find out they can fly
He found out he knew how to swim


I see a muzzle looking at me
Muzzle, muzzle what do you see?
I see an evil witch looking at me
Evil witch, evil witch what do you see?
I see a mermaid looking at me
Mermaid, mermaid what do you see?
I see a pirate, a witch holding a gun to his head

Seagulls, the ocean, the sky 
What have you?


There are sharks circling 
Hyenas on the shoreline laughing
Vultures in trees shuffling
Everybody knows
The mermaid will die
And are waiting for
Their share

Scavengers all


Perched on a rickety raft 
Arms length fore to aft 

Island hopping picaroon
Can’t see himself a maroon
Gasps and clutches his chest 
Uh-oh I’m dying mid-quest

Head heart lungs throat
All begin to hurt hurt hurt

“They said be carful with LDL
And see, to tomb from cradle

I burned the candle both ends 
I’m up in the air with the bends

So this is how it ends
To a watery grave me descends” 

Practiced eye sees fin
It’s neither shark nor djin

"Belch burp bubble
Thank you for the trouble

Mermaid don’t go away
Who’ll save me another day?”



Feeling empty as a coelenterate
Primal emptiness
But for the first time
Without the primal fears
I’ve been an amoeba
This is an advancement
Maybe one day I’ll wash ashore
An oddity with bulging eyes
A dead giant squid
Children building castles
In the sand 

Will write me an epitaph
“Here lie Squidward’s Hopes and Dreams”
Perhaps a stingray I’ll be
Anemones will wilt in my dark shadow
Clown fish will dart away
Maybe I’ll be that clownfish
And befriend a mermaid
And see she does not turn to foam 
Maybe I’ll rise from the ocean foam 
A pearl of a woman
                                                                                  ~ Sonali



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