Saturday, May 4, 2013


I bring the brimful of “yes” and “no”
To my lips and taste the bittersweet fire
Oh, I’ve had some before
Before I knew what was in it
Before I ever knew what it would do to me
Or does to any body
You see, I was tricked
Anyhow, each of us carries a flaskful
Hidden from prying eyes
When asked we refuse to admit
Any knowledge of the substance
What is this elixir?
This flagrant bouquet?
Who makes this stuff?
And to what end?
Why won’t it quench my desire?
This must be some sick cosmic joke
Because I sniff a conspiracy of the gods
It smells like roses, as always,
And gives me a heartache when I’ve had some
I’m tired of this game
Go away
Vex me no more
And let me tell you
If I find no reason to tell
Little white lies like I was told
I might start dropping hints
To the uninitiated about this
This thing that makes me
Weak and strong
Laugh and cry
Sing and die
All at once
                                                                                                                        ~  Sonali
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