Tuesday, June 25, 2013



Hunky Dorian got off the plane
The honeymoon was over
He opened the door to the limousine 
To let his wife in and get in beside her

As they drove over Brooklyn Bridge
She devolved like something overlooked in the fridge
He changed too like he’d been dipped in an age-defying elixir
While she turned outwardly gray in demeanor

They were back in their brownstone four suitcases in all
The mementos from Barbados were tossed to the wall
They looked one another in the eye
She was bold he was shy

She grabbed him by the collar and kissed him
She said the flight had been too long she’d missed him
They turned the corner into the bedroom
She turned on the lights he turned off the gloom

He spilled some sand from his shoes onto the carpet
Their roles in their marriage had already been set
She was to be a picture on the wall
All eyes and ears mean and tall

A Medusa who froze everything with her gaze
A man, a boy, a brook, even the rose in a vase
He was to be the eternal boy
Sweet and abiding, naughty and coy

And so they lived on happily together
She went grayer each year like heather
He remained youthful forever

                                                                            ~ Sonali

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