Monday, June 24, 2013


HUNKY DORY went walking down the oft taken road of indecision
and met with a wall standing smack across it
must've been where Humpty Dumpty lost his marbles
or was pushed or whatever
when all the king's men couldn't put him together again
but Hunky Dory had no inkling of that story
so he shimmied up that wall singing a song
until came along a gypsy girl
a brown curl peeking beneath her bandana 
bells and whistles on her bodice
chewing a stick of licorice
she said,"hiya"
he said,"hi ya"
not wanting to look like an out-of-towner
"you look new around these parts
want me to show you around?"
tartly she asked
"sure" he said
he jumped off the wall
and followed her around
until it was dark
and she said,"you've been a bad boy
you've been a bad, bad boy
come let me teach you a lesson"
he felt a frisson
the graze of the cold tip of a whip
had touched his hip
and he felt alive awake
in a whole new dimension
no one save his mom 
had ever lavished so much attention on him
or cared to discipline him exactly so
he felt cared for, protected, loved, young
and safe in the knowledge he could
indefinitely postpone growing up
but like all things this grows too old 
too soon too bold too cold too quickly
he tried to get away

                                               ~ Sonali

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