Saturday, June 22, 2013


If you got free by any strange behavior
More power to ya
Consider this
I had a torrid affair with the blank page
And it saved my life

I think I was in the tabloids for weeks
In four different languages
But that’s a small price to pay
For freedom

The whole thing began
As a last will and testament
Scrawled out on a piece of paper
A bucket list awaiting the approval
Of a lawyer and friend
With an abysmal feeling
Of having but a handful of years to live

The breath raspier each day
Spoke of leaving in a year or three
With what little was left
I thought it would be best
To just set free the souls around me
As I saw it
A few words could accomplish that

The last rush of the Life Force
I imagined was my ally of the moment
I could see clearly now
What wrong I had done
And I had the hindsight of one
Who has nothing to lose

By the time the ball I’d set rolling
Struck down nine pins in all
I’d be obsolete
Dead as a Dodo
The sympathy wave would
Wash away the awkwardness of the scenario

Wonder who said it first
Laughter is the best medicine
They forgot it is food too
Food for the soul
For if you don’t laugh for a few years
You will surely die

Out of the blue
Broke a cosmic joke
And set me free
Free to laugh

Funny what people can think
When they haven’t heard you laugh in years
They think you’ve lost your mind
Or they are very, very threatened
By your happiness
Which they perceive as your strange behavior

And then there are those who insist
They can’t deal with your depression
Nor your paranoia
When you’ve only just
Understood why it matters to them
That you remain in chains
In a million little pieces
A puddle on the floor
A sick puppy fighting for its life

So apparently you’re so sick in their eyes
They think you’d be better off dead
Or so they proceed to insinuate
Beware! Their every word is a lie

What cages what chains
What pieces and puppies you may ask
Somewhere along the way
A veil of darkness had fallen away
Suddenly I could see
Into another dimension
And knew there were cages
Of hate fear guilt gold ivory lies
That needed to be unlocked
Having been set free unexpectedly
I believed I needed in a hurry
To do the same
Yes, out of the cages there is danger
And love
And laughter and life
Reproach and acknowledgement
Happiness and strife
But it still is freedom

And would you believe it
Friends will tell you at such a time in your life
What you really need, really, really need
Is a two-week long affair

I turned that around in my head
For two seconds and knew
There was some faulty logic right there
I had no need to posses anyone
For two weeks
No need to mess up
What was right for those I love
Forget morals ethics vows
And things of such monumental worth
Solomon’s judgment was uppermost in my mind
Simple yet profound
If you love someone
You wouldn’t allow for them
To be battered butchered bagged and bought
But it has been suggested
Telling fools they’re fools
Is in bad taste
So I let them make their
Various suggestions
To see which one was the wildest

Propelled by the most unusual of circumstances
I began to see cause and effect differently
Beliefs long held as truths receded
Giving up space to a new way of seeing
Symbolic sight is I hear what they call
This strange animal

Then I had the wildest idea of all
I’d have an affair
Longer than two weeks
Much, much longer
With the blank page

So I lay down emotionally naked on the blank page
And turned into a Diane Warren song
It held me close a long, long time
Love, the dork side, and the dark side
All put together in this potboiler
It turned into the fourth of July
Now how that happened
Is a mystery to me

Just an aside in case it should matter to you
If jumping off of cliffs
Or jumping out of cakes
Or jumping out of dark corners
In dark alleys is not your forte
Don’t worry
You’ll get the hang of it
And please don’t question
The logic behind actions such as the aforementioned

However I no longer question
The power of love to heal
Or think to question
If such profound love exists

                                                                              ~ Sonali

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