Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The first poem from the Desert Trilogy

Beyond the gravestones of the secrets of the heart
Much beyond the unforgetting of lovers torn apart
Lies a mystery embalmed
 – a night to remember

Past the gossamer beautiful dreams come wrapped in
Beneath the water mermaids swim in
In the middle of a desert caressed by a big yellow moon
Lies a night to remember

Not quite a vision nor a figment of a feverish imagination
Tender and sweet, genuine, yet restrained
The beautiful cadence of a heartsong unfeigned
Is the night to remember

A whisper an answer an uncommon bonding
An easy dissolving into realms beyond understanding
A complete lack of awareness of all else
Except the night to remember

At this very moment
In this very place
In the shadows of this night
And in those of nights in bygone lifetimes
That left little trace
Looms a doomed doorway
Hidden from blameless eyes
That leads away
From the night to remember

The sands of time have run out
Tick tock
No overturning this law of Nature
And look
Morning has sprung
The door has been flung
Wide open

Harsh white bright injures the eye
Searing the memory of the hours gone by
Faltering steps and blinding light
Leave no room for a lovers’ goodbye

An inevitable journey has begun

                                                                       ~  Sonali

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