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DUS KAHANIYAN, (for want of a better title), tells the story of 10 people.



HUNKY DORY went walking down the oft taken road of indecision
and met with a wall standing smack across it
must've been where Humpty Dumpty lost his marbles
or was pushed or whatever
when all the king's men couldn't put him together again
but Hunky Dory had no inkling of that story
so he shimmied up that wall singing a song
until came along a gypsy girl
a brown curl peeking beneath her bandana 
bells and whistles on her bodice
chewing a stick of licorice
she said,"hiya"
he said,"hi ya"
not wanting to look like an out-of-towner
"you look new around these parts
want me to show you around?"
tartly she asked
"sure" he said
he jumped off the wall
and followed her around
until it was dark
and she said,"you've been a bad boy
you've been a bad, bad boy
come let me teach you a lesson"
he felt a frisson
the graze of the cold tip of a whip
had touched his hip
and he felt alive awake
in a whole new dimension
no one save his mom 
had ever lavished so much attention on him
or cared to discipline him exactly so
he felt cared for, protected, loved, young
and safe in the knowledge he could
indefinitely postpone growing up
but like all things this grows too old 
too soon too bold too cold too quickly
he tried to get away



Hunky Dorian got off the plane
The honeymoon was over
He opened the door to the limousine 
To let his wife in and get in beside her

As they drove over Brooklyn Bridge
She devolved like something overlooked in the fridge
He changed too like he’d been dipped in an elixir
While she turned outwardly gray in demeanor

They were back in their brownstone four suitcases in all
The mementos from Barbados were tossed to the wall
They looked one another in the eye
She was bold he was shy

She grabbed him by the collar and kissed him
She said the flight had been too long she’d missed him
They turned the corner into the bedroom
She turned on the lights he turned off the gloom

He spilled some sand from his shoes onto the carpet
Their roles in their marriage had already been set
She was to be a picture on the wall
All eyes and ears mean and tall

A Medusa who froze everything with her gaze
A man, a boy, a brook, even the rose in a vase
He was to be the eternal boy
Sweet and abiding, naughty and coy

And so they lived on happily together
She went grayer each year like heather
He remained youthful forever


Maxim Dorky, oh so lithe and sporty
Greying at the temples, a little over forty
Always at a party looking hale and hearty
Seated beside his harpy who's at the top of his hierarchy
He's eyeing this young floozy
Who's had a little too much boozy
His wife is right beside him
Droopy eyelids red around the rim
Downcast lips downright grim
The lights are low the music dim
He walks up to the girl and fills her cup to the brim
He looks into her eyes and gives her his pseudonym
He looks a lot like a man who knows he's about to sin
He looks half apologetically at the harpy who gives him a reptilian grin
So here we are at the two ends of the room
A story playing out exactly as it has umpteen times before I presume
The wife looking on like she's been enbalmed and four weeks in a tomb
She knows this play by play and has blessed this all the way I assume
I'm intrigued in the meantime by her outlandish costume
It's Easter today not Halloween unless we're doomed
I'd have thought a wife would fret and fume
But nope, she's sipping her vodka and gathering more legroom
While he's oozing charm and slathering it all over the girl
The girl looks like she's feeling woozy as she gives her bangs a twirl
I'm watching Mrs Dorky across the room arranging paper napkins in whorls
Maxim stops being his usual "folded in three layers" self and like a proud new flag unfurls
He leans in, says something to the girl, who laughs too much too quickly
He looks across the room in the harpy's direction hopefully
She's given up, Mrs Dorky, it seems to me
She's wearing combat boots, a moleskin shirt, and dungarees
You're almost grateful she's got on no makeup at all
Because if she had put some foundation on it would have been her biggest pitfall
The scene across the room has altered in the interim
The girl has perhaps figured out Dorky isn't single, he's just being gamesome
She left through the front door dizzy and sozzled
Mrs Dorky shot after the girl while we looked on, puzzled
Dorky looked shifty, stoic, assured of victory, but a bit like a pyrotechnic display that had fizzled
His harpy returned, her head held high, and her nose looking even more chiseled
She waved a pale pink business card ahead of his nose for a whole minute before she gave it to him
She most likely had imagined he'd be thrilled but he looked like a less than delighted Maxim
He gave her a peck on the cheek and said,"Darlin', you shouldn't have."
No one knew how to remedy this situation, there seemed to be no band-aid for this nor salve
Harpy smiled, looked Dorky in the eye and tousled his hair
She said,"You have no idea how much I care
About you. I know you can do nothing without me."
"Yes dear," said Dorky sheepishly
We are weirded out by the strange goings-on
The harpy is happy, Maxim's all forlorn
She's less of a mystery to most of us since she's always had the tongue of an adder
What really does this man want we wonder



Georgie Porgie and his witchy wifey live down the street from me
Wifey is fifteen years older than him and a whole lot manlier than he

Witchy wifey has a pedigree
Georgie has a college degree

Georgie's mommy lives across the street from me
She has a beau about the same age as me

Georgie's wifey has a lot of money
Georgie works for a downtown attorney

Now Georgie knows what he's doing you see
His Daddy went MIA when he was three

He modeled his life after his step Daddy's subsequently
So when Georgie goes out of town he's a-spending money on other cuties

When he's done with work there he's back to his homies
Where he hides beneath her skirt when the cuties come for their alimonies

Wifey screams, his mama screams, at the cuties, and Georgie is happy as can be
The cuties vamoose and Georgie takes wifey and kid to the park like a good lil' daddy



Vladd and his wife
Tease one another with a knife
In a corner a boy plays the fife

Darker than sin
This night begins
As does a marriage in an inn

The ghosts of the slaughtered
Thrilling at what's to come wander
Their curiosity making them bolder

When the slave's the master
There is no better disaster
Than to watch him turn into alabaster

The seed was cursed
The uninitiated knew first
But too late, the bubble's burst

When darkness to darkness calls
Adam falls
Taking Eve with him

"I will turn your face to alabaster,
Then you'll find your servant is your master" ... lyrics of "Wrapped Around Your Finger" by "Police"

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