Monday, July 8, 2013

Georgie Porgie

Georgie Porgie and his witchy wifey live down the street from me
Wifey is fifteen years older than him and a whole lot manlier than he

Witchy wifey has a pedigree
Georgie has a college degree

Georgie's mommy lives across the street from me
She has a beau about the same age as me

Georgie's wifey has a lot of money
Georgie works for a downtown attorney

Now Georgie knows what he's doing you see
His Daddy went MIA when he was three

He modeled his life after his step Daddy's subsequently
So when Georgie goes out of town he's a-spending money on other cuties

When he's done with work there he's back to his homies
Where he hides beneath her skirt when the cuties come for their alimonies

Wifey screams, his mama screams, at the cuties, and Georgie is happy as can be
The cuties vamoose and Georgie takes wifey and kid to the park like a good lil' daddy

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