Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's Not Much Of A Life Without You

Daisies are the friendliest flowers
But I didn’t plant any this year
Instead I lavished time space manure
On gorgeous little sunflower stand-ins
Black-eyed susans
Beautiful in their own right

And here’s my puppy
All of six months
Being bad
She dug up the flower bed
Harried the cat
Chewed up my flip flops

I get her fancy new collar off
Put her in the sink
Wash the mud off
Deal with the wet dog stink
The mirror’s fogged up
The sink’s clogged up

But that mess has to wait
I HATE cleaning
I could’ve thrown the baby out
With the bath water you know
I say to my trusting pooch
She wags her tail

She’s cut through the crap
She knows I’m nothing without her
Words mean nothing to one
Who knows the language of the heart
She’s all fluffed and dried
Asleep on the carpet

I do what mamas do
Hold my breath
And clean the sink
I feel like a lot of negativity
Left with that dirty water
The mirror’s not foggy any more
DOK 01 RK0675 01 - Yellow Labrador Retriever Puppy And Calico Kitten Sitting In Flower Pot In Garden -
                                                                                                            ~ Sonali

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