Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Previously published in The Writing Disorder

Two souls hang in golden scales
In perfect balance
He the body she the mind

It wasn’t always so
Once upon a happy time
They were honored for who they truly are

Yin and Yang
A Unity

Then his mind
Became maddened
Then saddened

Her body was sold into slavery
Her mind they couldn’t shackle
So it lived, somewhat

Reassurance came to him
Only when he was
The Body

His ultra fine mind
Was damned with faint praise
And constant ribbing

Her body was disrespected
Pushed to the limits
And her capabilities questioned everyday

Somewhere along this treacherous path
Idealism honesty and vision
Were getting eroded

A thousand miles
Through the desert they walked
Shod in sandals

Rats will gnaw at your feet when you sleep
Vampires will swoop in when you bleed
To drool upon a potential feast

The evil ones may have their evil designs
But there is a certain something
That they cannot kill

Atlas shrugged causing
A seismic shift in awareness
And they remembered being whole once

They took back their souls
They took back their minds
And their bodies too and put them back together

They’re happy now

Emancipation Proclamation----Abraham Lincoln
Atlas Shrugged----By Ayn Rand

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