Monday, August 12, 2013


Sunsets are very distracting things
I dawdle outside my door watching the sky turn colors
Of pretty chiffon saris in a showroom display
The azaan reminds me the day is almost done
At eight the aarti will commence at the temple
I haven’t finished reading "The Book of Job"
My professor asked me to annotate
My puppy wants to play catch
Dinner’s ready
I'd better go in
Reluctantly I gather up the dictionary
The Bible, the pencil, and ruler
I am transfixed by the lone star in the sky
So close to Heaven
A little left of the minaret 
Just right of the red pennant on the shikhara 
A twinkling little dot
I’ll have to come back and check on them stars again
When they’ve all shown up on this moonless night
Except the lights from the city
Will not allow me to see them in their full glory

                                                                                              ~ Sonali

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