Saturday, August 10, 2013


The air dipped a brush into the dark blue lake
And began painting the sky
Beginning in the east
Strokes going westward
When accidentally
It touched the sinking sun
And spilled a little of its tangerine
Into the thinning inkiness of the west

From the pewter of yesterday’s moon
It cast on the canvas a minuscule drop of silver
That winked growing stronger each minute
Then came another
And another
A growing population

Now I wait
For a silver sickle
Grown since yesterday
For I know
The air is only pretending to paint
'Coz I play along

This charade goes on
Irrespective of me or you
Or what we believe or choose to disbelieve
                                                                        ~ Sonali
Wallpaper sunset, sky, evening, star, night desktop wallpaper

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