Friday, February 14, 2014


Where is the joy in receiving that which one is past wanting?
The pros and cons have been weighed in favor of the cons
The grief of loss has been bartered measure for measure  –
          That many bushels of despair
          These many buckets of tears
          And a large sum of youthful ignorance
          Which was largely my bliss
For acceptance

I was once smitten with the red Shalimar
The Clown, Shakespeare’s Philosopher,
And the stone have now showed up in the same frame
In this montage called “My Life”

The jester mimes offering me the ruby on a silver platter
With watercress around it and then languishes at my feet
Feigning death as a noiselessly Dying duck

Who am I, I who have been so mistaken so many times in my judgment,
To ignore the Fool’s message?

~Shakespeare's Fool
~Rushdie’s “Shalimar the Clown”
~J K Rowling’s “The Philosopher and the Stone”
~P.G Wodehouse’s frequent references to the “dying duck’
and things “on a silver platter with watercress around” them.

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