Saturday, March 22, 2014

A ♥ E

Adam and Eve cut their initials
On the green bark of a sapling tall
It remains to this day a testament to their romance
After all the first cut is the deepest of all

The world has seen much graffiti since
But it seems like nothing ever changes
We live and die having learned little more than
Our parents did of the true nature of these exchanges

Nothing remains constant as we all can plainly see
Once a snake has caught sight of your little marker
The fork tongue will get busier than a bee
You will suffer much as your story gets darker

The next time you see a couple of kids
Busy in the park with a penknife against a tree
Ask them to stop, go home, return with a bag
And some string with which to isolate the fiend

                                                                                             ~  Sonali

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