Saturday, November 29, 2014

Road Maps

What land is this?
In what universe?
The poles don't align anymore
The sun goes sideways in the sky
With just enough tilt for day break
And sundown to occur

I can walk on streams
Ice feels like glass
Snow tastes like sugar
The stars are almost as big as the moon
Blue diamonds in the glittering sky

Where am I?
Sweet Ambrosia has dried on my lips
My body is numb yet the nerves are on edge
The winds fan a cold fire in my body and soul
The mind observes but does not participate

 Far away bridges move creating new paths
The jungle takes over old paved roads
A home that once stood on a busy street
Is now surrounded by fields and trees
Where am I?

Once more God has decreed
There shall be an alteration in the plans
For my life, and yours, and yours, and yours
Once more new resiliences must be built
Once again a legend is born

To a new map of the universe

                                                                              ~ Sonali

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