Tuesday, February 17, 2015

No Country For False Prophets

Tell me no tale that has no sex in it
Nobody's buying your story

Sing me no song that has no gods in it
We all know who exactly you worship

So what if you won't name your overlord
Everybody knows whose arse you're licking

Please don't pretend money does not matter
Your economics are plainly apparent to the world

Tell no lies
And you might just be believed

                                                               ~ Sonali

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Unconditional Love

Unconditionally love yourself
Love your many selves
Honor your brokenness
Let the Ram within overcome the Ravan within
Let the Gauri within meld again with the Kali within
Heal the jagged seams of the self
                                                  ~ Sonali

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Men Are Dogs

My friend Sam
Short for Samantha
Swore she would never marry
'Coz all men are dogs she says
She did well in her career
Or careers should we say
She took over her dying brother's startup
And saw it IPO and soar
Her brother's partner died also
Leaving her his share in the business
As she had been his only support
Through the worst years of his life

Ms Mother Teresa is a very kind and strong soul
And very short on patience for anything that
Seems like a waste of energy to her
So by her mid-thirties she stopped dating
And poured all her energy into her work
She taught herself everything she needed to know
About repairing old homes and selling them and
That's what she did in her spare time
Until she saw one in the valley
An old adobe whitewashed and festooned with wisterias
It was the one she wanted to grow old and die in
So she fixed it up over the summer and moved in

There was one catch
The homeowners had explained to her
They were moving overseas so they had placed
Their dog with an adoption service
And could she take him in if they couldn't find him a home
In the next eight days
She said okay, never one to turn away a creature in need
And on the ninth day picked up the big St Bernard "Arthur"
And brought him home
His home really, since he had lived there the last ten years
And so she christened her new home "Camelot"
Arthur seemed so forlorn, especially since he drooled so much
She brought home a Labrador three years old from the shelter
The lovely Lab was named Felicity
But Sam started to call her Guinevere
It confused Guinevere at first but she took it in her stride
Blossoming in her new home with all the love shown to her
The three of them gelled well as Summer turned into Fall
Playing fetch, going for long walks
Eating together in the patio
Watching "Sex and The City" reruns at night

Right after New Year's Day, as soon as the hullabaloo
Of the holiday season suddenly died
Sam noticed Guinevere had been listless
She slept all the time and was gaining weight
From refusing to go on walks and playing catch
And then it hit her
Guinevere was having puppies

A midwife was contacted, there was new bedding brought in
From the store, a gate had been installed in the kitchen
So the puppies couldn't wander in
And the big day arrived

There were five cute little babies born that night
Sweet as ever, cuddled up against their mommy
And they were all a certain shade of tan
The exact shade of tan that was the neighbor's Labrador "Lance"
"Perhaps," Sam thought,"I should've just let her be Felicity."

                                                                                                     ~ Sonali

Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Dussera


Is baras  hum roz dussera manayenge .

Apne apne muhallon ke raavanon ko unke gharon se kheench nikalenge
Suli par latkaakar Sita mayyiya se kehenge,"Matarani, yeh lo dhanush
Teer chalaao, aag laga do Ravan ko. Maharaj pedicure karwa rahe hain.
Manicure tonsure abhi baaqi hai. Der ho raat ho jayegi. Aag aap hi lagado.

Is baras hum roz dussera manayenge .

"Hanumanji se kahiyena bula lein apni vanar sena ko
Jashn honge, nachenge, gayenge, laddoo khayange
Bikul nischint bachche soyenge, na kisi rakshas ka dar na kisi rakshasni ka
Surpanakha ko Maharajji ne sambhal liya, ab aap is bhoot ko sambhaalona."

Is baras hum roz dussera manayenge .

"Apke pitaji ko taar toh diya thaa, magar woh kuch kar nahi payenge darponk hai
Bechare boodhe bhi toh ho gaye hain, aur aapki mummy bhi nahi rahin
Apke welfare ki ifaazat aapke haathon mein hai Siya maa
Doon bandook, yadi dhanush-baan zyada bhaari hon."

Is baras hum roz dussera manayenge .

"Jaldi, jaldi, aap late ho rahe ho, shub muhurth nikla ja raha hai
Yeh loh aag lagaa di maine teer mein. Bus ek kadam aage
Ek peeche, sthirr ho jayyo, daro mati, dhyan se dekho Arjun jaise
Nishaana na chooke, aur halke se ungali uthaao taake teer nishane pe lage."

Is baras hum roz dussera manayenge .

 "Yeh hui na baat. Maaji tussi great ho. Luv-Kush ko bhi aap hi ne sikhaya lagta hai
Ab phir kal shaam target practice. Ek Raavan aur hai, kal uski baari
Yeh roz shaam bilkul time se hum sab yahan panhuchke roz RamLeela khelenge
Diwali mein aayena mazaa jo dussere ki din aaye hai.

Is baras hum roz dussera manayenge .

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hop Skip Jump

The stirrings of spring can be felt now
Like a bowstring tense being guided into place for release

One little leaf will show up first, a ridiculously bright shade of green
Then a saucy little flower with a big smile on its face

Then the tempo ups a bit as the birds return to the trees
Then more leaves more flora more fauna and of course bugs

Before you know it you are in the midst of an exploding new spring

                                                                                                                            ~ Sonali

Cherry Blossoms pic by Juhie