Tuesday, October 20, 2015



      Little Dev got a shiny new tricycle for his third birthday. He was four and a half now, but he still loved his trike. If he just avoided hitting the handlebars with his knees, he could ride it, and he did, around the house, while Uma cooked, and did her chores, especially while his baby brother slept. Dev had lost his freedom some, having to watch out for Nikhil who now seven months old had learned to walk holding on to the edge of the sofa, getting every where in his waking hours, needing constant supervision. The hour and a half he napped in the afternoons were very precious times for Uma and Dev, studying or chatting without interruption. Most days Nikhil was very cooperative during study time, deeply fascinated by phonics, and books. All he wanted was to be able to sit by Dev whom he worshipped like a god and mimic his every action. Dev was very kind to him and humored him, proud of his precocious baby brother.
      It was two now, Uma was putting the dishes away while Dev rode around on his tricycle.
            Dev         :           Mom, what’s you Daddy’s name?

            Uma        :           Darth Vader.

            Dev         :           Darth Vader? Like in the movies?

            Uma        :           Yes.

            Dev         :           I am so so sorry Mom. I didn’t know. You must be Leah?

                        Little Dev got off his trike and gave Uma a big hug. Uma was taken aback at this reversal of  roles where her little one was the one comforting her, and she, the mother was in need of comforting. She didn't know how to handle the situation, so she fought her tears, put on an amused tone of voice, and barely even hugged him back, because that would mean acknowledging so many things all at once that she wasn't ready to look in the face yet - that she was upset her father was so mean to her; that nobody until this moment had shown her one ounce of sympathy yet; that she was not fully done growing up; that she hadn't quite figured out how her kids had turned out to be so amazing, so if she didn't know, she may or may not have had anything to do with it ...

            Dev        :           Where’s Luke? 

            Uma       :           I don’t have a brother. Grandpa’s no Vader. I was just kidding.
                                      It was a bad joke.

            Dev        :           Was it a joke?

            Uma       :           Yes I know it’s not funny but I’m trying to make it funny so it
                                      ends up being a really bad joke. It is true though that every where    
                                      Grandpa  goes one can detect a disturbance in the Force.

            Dev        :          Why?

            Uma       :          The force is strong with him and I think he grew up believing
                                     he’d be a great jedi knight and that his life would be one long
                                     adventure romance and heroism and all but he forgot all about
                                     being good and being brave.

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