Thursday, October 15, 2015


Bindiya was sitting by her brothers eating from her bag of potato chips. Nikhil had already inhaled his whole bagful.

Nikhil     :     “Can I have some?”

Bindiya  :     “No, you ate yours. These are mine.”

Nikhil     :     “How ‘bout five?”

Bindiya   :     “No.”

Nikhil     :     “Four?”

Bindiya   :     “No.”

Nikhil     :     “Three?”

Bindiya   :     “No.”
Nikhil     :     ”Two?”

Bindiya   :     “No.”

Nikhil     :     “One?”

Bindiya   :     “Yes.”

Nikhil     :     “At a time?”

Bindiya   :     “No.”

Nikhil     :     “And a half?”

Bindiya   :     “NOOOO.”

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