Friday, October 16, 2015


            Many children, cousins and friends, had gathered at Uma’s home for a Halloween party. Dev was absolutely elated to be seen in his costume for the occasion, a rather plain khaki uniform of some kind and a noisy blue lance that lit up. Nikhil was in a Simba suit and roared hello to everyone he met. Bindiya wore an orange pumpkin bib and a neon green foliage headband, and slept through the whole thing. Little Miss B was only seven months old, and Nikhil three. Dev was an older than them, wiser, more knowledgeable seven.

            “Be mindful of the future,” he said, in a conspiratorial whisper to Isha, as she walked past him. She gave him a “whaddyamean” look but garnered no response.  As Isha stepped out the door in her glittering yellow princess costume complete with tiara and scepter, with her plastic pumpkin basket to go trick-or-treating with her friends he called out, ”May the force be with you!”

            The girls left giggling and came back in a while happy cold tired and sated with candy. Dev was back already. “Like to trade?” he asked hopefully.
            “No, not really,” was what he heard mostly.
            “Say, do you know, I can slow down Time and see things happen in slow motion,” he said, ”like in the action replay clips you see on T.V. sports.”
            “Really?” said the Isha’s friend.
            “Yes, I can, I really can.”
            No one said anything and ate more candy instead so he felt he ought to elaborate.
            “I can see things happen s-l-o-w-l-y while I act fast. It’s a Jedi trait. If I practice my skills I should soon be able to see things as they are about to happen.”

            A car honked outside and the girls gathered their various wands and tiaras and baskets and said their goodbyes and left waving from the windows of the car until they were out of sight.

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