Sunday, October 18, 2015


A few years later, Nikhil now 16, had been told by his doctor to take a Vitamin D, lots of fish oil, and a Claritin or equivalent each day. It became Uma's job to put those right in his hand every day because he was still not responsible enough to remember to take them on his own. Dinner was done, and she handed him his vitamins and meds and 10 fish oils, saying,"Take them in installments, 2 to 3 at a time."
Nikhil,"It's okay. I can fit them all in my mouth."
Uma,"But you can choke on them."
Nikhil,"I won't   ...   that sounds so wrong, just sooo wrong,'I can fit them all in my mouth'".
Nikhil,"It's like saying look at me, I can suck three dicks at the same time. And sing the national anthem."
Uma,"Shut up Nikhil."

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