Tuesday, March 15, 2016


She was a Miss Moneypenny to his Bond

She held the key to his money box
And she spoke to the powers that be
Like the one in charge of everything was she

One at a time each little item on his annual itinerary
Somehow or another came under her sole authority
Until, a dozen years or so later, he realized
He had been bound with invisible ties

Now, a lot of jokes were being made at his expense
But he never really got them, he'd become so dense
He had no earthly idea his shirt his tie his house his sky
Not being of his choosing had caused him to slowly die

Bit by bit he had given away his simple pleasures
His golf cart and fishing rod that had been his treasures
He looked in the mirror and a stranger was staring back at him
"Dude, have you seen Sam?" the stranger asked him

C-R-A-C-K went the mirror and he stepped through the looking glass
No one had told him there was an invisible world out there with no mass
The neutrons electrons all behaved rather oddly
And he in turn began to behave rather badly

And that was how he came to be known as the Horny Toad

                                                                                                 ~ Sonali.