Monday, April 25, 2016

Filigree as a Fact of Life


 There is that matter of the unreckonable shock of alternating association and disassociation

                                  Light then Darkness
                                            Hot after Cold
                                                  Love followed by Unlove
                                                         Good upon the heels of Evil
                                                                  A little Truth mixed in with a bunch of Lies
Wherein each pierces through the other
                    Offering patterns for our review
                                 For the human mind ceaselessly tries to make sense of the seeming nonsense                                                              That comes out of yoking together polarities      

Heat goes through metal letting light through
         Ropes of trodden paths loop over untrodden terrain

                      A spark of understanding comes alive in the murkiness of unknowing
                              A bright pink cloud peeps through a canopy of little dark green leaves

       The brightness seems brighter
                             The darkness  darker
                                             And often, one wouldn't exist without the other ....
                                                                                                                  ~ Sonali

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