Saturday, May 5, 2018

One Fine Day

An homage to the loveliest songs and movies ever. It was written as an exercise in writing ballads. I have never before or since atempted writing anything that follows a preset structure, except haiku. I imagine I am forgiven this shabby 1st attempt. 
Please imagine this as a movie script for a sequel to the eponymous Michelle Pfeiffer - George Clooney movie picturized on a rainy day in NYC. This is the first of my water trilogy. The next is on lakes. The one after will be on bridges. 

It is surprisingly pleasant today
For it is still February for another eight days
Maybe it’s the day long drizzle that keeps us warm
The city is bathed in light
Like a G. Harvey canvas

He’s hypnotized
By the unobtrusive clackclackclack
Of the escalator gliding down into the hotel lobby
He sees her feet in golden sandals, a long green dress
And her face exactly as he had imagined it

Nothing compares to
You and I
Becoming us
And this walk along the Seine
Was also meant to be

The river sparkles along like love finding its way through the world,+France.jpg

          The London Eye keeps time
          Observing itself in the Thames
          Along the sidewalk
          Flower baskets on ornate lampposts are
          Burgeoning with petunia lavender and sweet william

          Words worth remembering
         “Let nature be your teacher”
          Waft down and settle among our consciousness
          Along with the redolence
          Of flowers and foliage

          Westminster Bridge, the Abbey, Ben,
          Reminders as well
         Of Time Remembrance
         And so on
         And of the ties that bind them to one other

The river sparkles along like love finding its way through the world

          Mandaakini descended from the heavens
          So precious so pure
          Heady rush of Idealism
          Making things crystal clear

          Crisp air fragrant and light
          The incomparable sweetness
          Of a babbling brook
          The incomparable lightness
          Of Being

          Rubble and rock
          Rugged mountain peaks
          Indigo sky
          The eyes move upward
          To marvel at the Creator

The river sparkles along like love finding its way through the world


          Cowdust rising in the four O’clock sun
          Cowbells restless for home right now
          Hoof clops rushing up the banks
          Of the impetuous Yamuna
          Frisking to the tune of a song divine

          Vrindavan along the river
          Garden of love divine
          We follow in the footsteps
          Of Eternal Lovers
          Playful as ripplets juggling light

          Sunshine and the sun
          Refrain and song
          Beauty and the lotus
          Devotion and the devotee

The river sparkles along like love finding its way through the world 


 It's night
♫The blue Danube♫ awaits
We dust off crumbs from dinner
 Some intolerably scrumptious apple strudels
To find our way to the river
♫Who painted the moon black?? ♫
We hadn’t consulted the almanac!

So you stole up the ♫stairway to heaven♫
And brought the black balloon down to earth
We painted it bright in the dark of the night
♫The dark side of the moon♫ as well
For good measure

You hung the moon back up in the sky
Now the river sparkles like quicksilver
♫A dark waltz♫
Is now a paean to all possibilities
And you and me ♫dancing with destiny forever♫

The river sparkles along like love finding its way through the world 

A warm December
Too hot to be outdoors at midday
But it’s cool inside on the thirty-fifth floor
Overlooking the Brisbane
Overhearing children’s chatter
Of plans for bodysurfing in the holidays

The river is dotted with boats of all ilk
Lazy hazy
Siesta-warranting afternoon
My mind meanders
Like the Waltzing Matilda

Wooloongabba thrills with the sounds
Of a cricket match
One had hoped to catch
But there’s a city to explore
And an evening to adore

The river sparkles along like love finding its way through the world 

We stroll past a chapel
By the Shenandoah in the fall
Blue green yellow red and all
You make me smile
To hear you whistle to the choir
Singing Hallelujah awhile

The sun is setting
Over the hills in the west
The ornaments of jade amber garnet ruby
Fade to brown on the trees
In an hour we’ll paint the sky with stars

Foggy morning frosty morning
The dewdrops on the spider’s web are frozen
They’ll melt drip drop
And find their way back to the ocean
Like you and I must find each other in every lifetime

The river sparkles along like love finding its way through the world


Memories of the Olympic fanfare
Herald thoughts upon the hero’s journey
Where enthusiasm equals “gold within”
White flag adorned with blue yellow black green red circles
Symbol of eternal optimism
Fluttering in the furthermost reaches of the Human Potential

Ginko trees’ large leaves rustling in the breeze
The waterline
Becomes the mirrorline
For the skyscrapers and their million lights

The blue of the sky and the blue of the Han
Make one big sequined blanket
Enveloping everything
Within the reaches of the peripheral vision
The fishermen have gone home to a feast of hwae

The river sparkles along like love finding its way through the world


Ruminations on the confluence of cultures
That produces unsurpassed beauty
In the fringe of fear
And in the midst of questioning
Then accepting
A marriage of dissimilar customs

The Bosphorus fools the eye
It connects divides and multiplies all at once
Istanbul has been a conjunction beyond compare
Under several aliases
On the old silk road

Youthful city teeming with youthful buzz
Holds the many-splendored shrine to Divine Wisdom
Reminds one to remain raw as an ingénue
And get drenched in the Wisdom of the Ages
I think we’ve managed to do just that, I think

The not quite river sparkles along finding its identity in a beautiful world

All the threads of my life
Led to you
Like all roads lead to Rome
So I crossed the Rubicon
And here I am

It is very late
The town’s asleep after a busy day
The light in the piazza
Casts a golden glow
On the sandstone of yore

We were both young when I first saw you
I close my eyes and the flashback starts
I'm standing there on a balcony in summer air
Little did I know
One day we’d be in Verona by the Adige

The river sparkles along like love finding its way through the world 

So this is
Honeymoon in Cape Town
Weightless we soar
Way, way up and see the blue planet
Turning on its axis

I finally ditched the fear of flying
And I see kryptonite does nothing to you
What a wonderful world in an elegant universe
And we might want to get back to it now
Incase somebody sees and goes, ”It’s a bird, it’s a plane…”

We're  walking in the air ♫
We're floating in the moonlit sky
Suddenly swooping low on an ocean deep
Butterflies musk and rose
By the modest Moddergat I decide
You sow what you wish to reap
Sugar spills abundant brilliant soul-sweetening
From the celestial sugarbowl

The river sparkles along like love finding its way through the world 

That was a river
We stepped in twice
Who says you can’t
Likely the same folks
Who say lightning never
Strikes the same place twice

Moon River
Wider than a mile
I’m crossing you in style
Hand in hand
My huckleberry friend and me

One fine day
We find ourselves home
Outside it’s cold and it’s raining
So we watch slides
Of the years gone by in riversong

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