Saturday, May 5, 2018

Soul Laid Bare

About this poem,  it is dedicated to the soul journey of a dear friend who has been blindsided by the beauty of her own soul and wonders where she found the secret fountain of  divine elixir that feeds her spirit with so much love for everyone she meets, she could burst. More power to you beautiful one. I wish you a safe and blessed journey forward. I trust that you will find that you are loved and supported unconditionally every where you go.

What did you think when you first found out that the world wasn't flat anymore, because your preschool teacher told you so?
How did you feel when you knew that you knew that you knew your real home was far far away from your home where you were raised?
When did you realize that the girl with the broken smile had been shipped in a box of tulip bulbs over the seas?
Was there a mist in the harbor when she was delivered, fractured by the blinding light from a lighthouse upon the waves?
Did there follow a hardscrabble existence, a pestilence, a survivorship?
I suppose that's what has distilled itself into a seemingly bottomless pit of precognitions.
That's how I suppose the soul is laid bare in times of uncertainty, the self turning into a cultural colloidal, embracing what was once rejected, becoming whole again.