Thursday, July 5, 2018

Crucible of Fire

A tinderbox is a preexisting condition
Given that humidity and chance play a slight role in the game
It is only really just wanting a spark
One scintilla
Of a certain something
Or a certain someone, perhaps
Anything, that sets off a chain reaction
From a single point of contact
Leading up from the possibility of a smolder
To a blast heard for miles
Cinder blocks flying in the air
People running helter-skelter
Emails flying from wrists tired of fielding emails
You get the picture  ...
That, my people, is a foundry for the transmutation of souls
That is the medium for transactions only known to the angels
We wring our hands and ask why
But when has the sphinx answered her own riddles?
                                                           - Sonali

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

A Modern Day Miracle

Don't ask me to explain because this defies logic
Only hear me out
In what universe do you witness
A series of unfortunate events proceeding in reverse order?
Now that's a miracle, if you ask me
But miracles are always suspect

How would you know, since people are opaque
That they might have holes in their souls
Like some have holes in their soles?
They could walk by you every day and you would never know
Unless you have eyes that can see souls
Would you notice that they suffer?
Would you offer them solace?
Or perhaps a solution for their problem?
How would you, good citizen, if you didn't even know they were hurting?
So, we come back to the clairvoyance of those who can see souls
Not many people can
I can't, I know that for sure
But those who can do exist
I say this not to frighten you
Because, heck, who wants a soul reader in their midst?
I sure wouldn't
I would feel like I was being stalked all of the time!

And so we come to the bizarrely beautiful conclusion of this story
Imagine a train wreck that slowly unravels itself
The train cars put themselves back on the tracks
The people heal and come back to life
Their souls and their corporeal selves are back together again
The holes in their souls seem to have healed too
For I can see them smiling genuine smiles
I am almost certain there's an invisible healer of souls and such
Somewhere hereabouts
The engine starts to sputter and hum as it pulls away from you
Soon it is seen picking up speed
A horn toots far, far away
And you wonder if that was all just a dream

                                                 -   Sonali


Monday, July 2, 2018

My Spirit Animal

Peace is a strange animal
Furry and sweet
She walks by my side matching my stride
Most of my days
But she senses my moods, and naughty little girl
Runs away when I need her the most
That is, when I am fearful

She's with me when I am feeling strong
But fear is an emotion she cannot tolerate in her bestie

I wish she would stay by my side
Cuddle with me, and drive away the blues
When I am afraid, but she won't , or doesn't yet

My spirit animal is in training starting today
She stays when I say "Heel"
'And though she be but little she is fierce'
I need to remind us both of that

"Heel, little vixen, we're walking through the forest
You be my guide and I will be your protector"
                                                     - Sonali

Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Navajo Code Talkers

What gives?
Been listening to some gangsta rap,
some Taylor Swift, and a little Buble, interspersed with some instrumentals, Puth, Sam Smith, and the Celtic Woman

How do you know you have the dots connected just right?

I do believe the paint by numbers went by you with the reds and the blues switched

Maybe we should talk
Neither of us is fluent in Navajo
                                                          - Sonali