Wednesday, February 27, 2019


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“Aunty S, like to watch me wintersault?”


“Just sit down here and watch me,” said B. He sat down on the carpet and executed a backward somersault. Now Mama understood.

That was the beginning of a new game they played when they were bored. It did get out of hand sometimes but who says you have to color within the lines all the time huh?

Getting ready for a spelling bee had never been this silly, Mama was quite sure. The words for the day got all bent out of shape. ‘Fluorescent’ was ‘the smell of the floor’; ‘Hellenistic’ had something to do with Satan; ‘neoclassical’, something Neo thinks is classy; ‘pandemonium’ was when the panda caught pneumonia. This was going nowhere, so Mama said, ”Get a paper and pen. It’s time for dictation.”

“You’re not a dictator.”

“Now I am.”

“And whatever happened to the dictator?”

“I’m here.”

“Not you aunty S, the one in the news these days. Why are people looking for him?”

“Don’t worry about that just right now. You’ll ask your suburban country club questions of a tribal situation. You have to aptly match your questions to the situation or you get all the wrong answers. Or you end up asking like Marie Antoinette ‘Why don’t they eat cake’ and end up getting your head chopped off.”

“Why do people have dictators?”

“It’s a situation that comes about every few years when the conditions are just right, like how mildew grows where it’s dark and dank, or a twister forms when all weather conditions are just so.“

“Why do people listen to dictators?”

“It’s a Zurg and the Uni-Mind kind of thing that falls into place when, like I said before, the conditions are just so. The dictator is a wizard at using fear and history and words to justify his hatred.”

“That is something that always happens. You have to have something to hate.”

“No you don’t. Hatred destroys people, both the hater and the hated.”

“No. You’re wrong Aunty S. You have to have something to hate or you upset the natural order of things. Then everyone dies.”

“Have you been watching Star Wars again?”


“At your age that might make sense but at my age you’ll see how that kind of thinking kills everyone. You need to learn to live and let live.”

“Bad guys don’t want to let you live. It is how the world runs. Bad guys hate good guys. Good guys hate bad guys. They fight. The good guys win. End of story.”

“Ready for your first word?”

"Is it possible to be a paramedic and a perimenopausal at the same time?"

Mama knew there was more to that question, especially since it was asked with a particular smile and B would know instinctively not to phrase it thus.

"Why do you ask?"

"Just wondering. Zack says his mother is perimenopausal and all this time I thought she was a paramedic."

Why don't women watch what they are saying in front of their kids, Mama wondered.

                                                                                                                             ~ Sonali

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