Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Hot Mix

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Tea time in Mumbai
A chai ani glucotse biscut affair mainly

The grownups opt for the biscuits
Easier to store on the saucer

My cousin and I reach for the messier hot mix
Charmuri, sev, moth, and hot stuff

My little cousin might have been bored
Or OCD, or just bored and 7 years old

On a white paper napkin
He had the ingredients lined up

The white charmuri, the brown moth
The golden sev, in separate piles

And he scooped them up
One at a time and ate them


I asked him if he liked them better that way
"Yes and No," he said

"Ah!" I thought
"I have never heard that one before"

                                                                                                     ~  Sonali

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