Saturday, March 2, 2019


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There's a big brew-ha-ha
Over a magic potion in a magic cauldron in the sky
When poured into your cup it will spill over
Staining your lips your fingertips your very spirit
Everything you touch will giggle and squirm
With childish glee and wonderment

This alchemy of love in action
Sends shooting stars into the unseen
A meteor shower
That burns through the darkness
That burns up deadwood on contact
In an easy to miss smolder

We're lucky the cauldron leaks
You can find the drip and hold your cup just so
To catch the elixir
You don't have to be seated at the table of Zeus
And have Aquarius serve you from his pitcher
You can be mortal and drink moondrops fallen from the sky

You will be drunk and everything will become vewy vewy funny

                                                                                                                ~ Sonali

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