Monday, June 3, 2019


In the still waters of the pool in my mindscape
A swan glides aimlessly
She is disturbed
She is quiet
She is unruffled
She is sad
She can see her feet paddling
But her reflection is absconding
"What fresh hell is this?"
She asks herself
Out of the water emerges
A scattered splintered mosaic
Bobbing uncomfortably at her feet
Her reflection
Trying to be herself
Still shattered beyond recognition
Someone had taken a rock to the mirror
As people often do without reflecting
On the consequences of their actions
Or perhaps because the destruction of something shiny
Satisfies them beyond belief
But now her reflection speaks in whispers
"Hello, stranger. how are you?"
Silent no more, her reflection has stories to share
Of the deep waters beneath her
Of mermaids, sharks, starfish, anemones, and fishermen
And the deep-sea divers who helped her up to the surface


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