Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Creators of Culture

Creators of Culture

Whilst we bow before the painter, sculptor, playwright, and newsman
Let us not forget that these are people who merely reflect what is happening around us

Whilst we study the happiness index and the crime rate and the rising seas
Let us not forget there were events within the last hour that merit your greater attention

When the little child in third grade came to school and bit his friend
You might have wanted to check on his family
When you checked on his family you might have wanted to check on his parents' employer

Did you forget the children had been learning about slavery at school?
And the little white boy in Mrs. Smith's class was acting out because he felt an unnamable rage rise within him

He had overheard his parents talking about something that had happened to his father's boss
A lady whose daughter was his best friend from kindergarten whom he still met at the park on Sundays

They were sitting on the bleachers sharing a bag of mini pretzels looking like twins, each with a mop of shiny hair, gray eyes, and about thirty freckles apiece
She had told him that the police had come to her home the previous night and her mother had cried through breakfast and lunch but she was smiling now
Her father had driven them all to soccer practice because her mother's hands were shaking too much
And that she had been home all week crying and had quit her job and they would have no money for soccer starting next month
Her father didn't speak at all all week but he kicked the dog every day

He couldn't bite the bad man so he bit the arm nearest to himself and swore he would never have children of his own
                                                                                                       -  Sonali

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