Wednesday, July 1, 2015


She sees me for who I am
She sees me naked and whole
She has looked into those corners of my soul
I knew nothing of before

Who is she
And where did she come from
Is she friend
Is she foe

Is she a whore
A charming Trojan
Sent by the enemy
To destroy my home

This warmth that rises
In my cooling blood
Is a liqueur made of
Sunshine moonshine starshine and more

Who is this witch
With the magic spell
That set me free
A prisoner in a candy store

Who gave her permission to remove the dust covers
Placed over the treasures of my soul
So now when I call her name
It echoes my own

She left me with a golden key
To a new universe but no map, no laws of physics
No address book, no ticket
To see me past these familiar shores

                                                                                 - SDG

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