Sunday, February 18, 2018

Wimp, err Swamp

From my manuscript "Men are dogs"

Every dog needs a trainer
That is an established fact
Or he'll never be housebroken or free of fleas
He'll pee on every rug he meets
He'll eat off the dinner table 
He'll chew up the children's books and shoes
You know, he'll be a problem puppy 
And there'll be folks who'll want to put him
 to sleep

Enter:  The Dog Whisperer

She said to me, "We have a problem on our hands

The boys have tied a can on a string to the
 scrawny  neck on the mutt
And he is a biter full of mange 
My staff will not touch him
They want the dog catcher to euthanize him
I'm not sure that's the only way out

His file name's Swamp 

It was Wimp
I changed it to Swamp
We'll see what we can do 
I had him moved to another shelter 
They can fumigate him and wash him
And teach him to sit
That'll be a good beginning
They are a No Kill shelter 
But even they have their limitations 
He bites, he's gone