Monday, June 18, 2018

Breathe life into me

It takes a village

Welcome city slicker to my abysmal little village
We're nothing special, just another village
Like Asterix and Obelix's generic Gaulish village 
Or Hansel and Gretel's non-specific Germanic village
Or Balraam and Krishna's Gokul, an average Indian village

Have you ever watched an ironmonger at work?
When the iron leaves the forge, it is malleable, hot, tender to the touch that shapes it

Ever watched a Potter's wheel until you got dizzy? 
Here's to you, you thing of clay, spinning on an axis not of your choosing 
Until your new identity has been assigned to you 
And you are going into the fire soon
For your Creator to finish the job he started 

Medium - rare is not my favorite kind of steak
I like mine well - done
But the chef's been thinking I'm ready to be trimmed and served with a side of lettuce and garlicky rice

The carpenter had time on his hands and started to carve into his finished product, a headboard 
Every nick of the chisel took away what didn't belong to the rose he had imagined 
He has yet to burnish the wood so splinters remain barely attached to the rose

The gardener had seen that the vine was dying and set about to resurrect the plant 
He pruned and watered and applied every effort the man at the tree shop told him to 
Two green leaves and a dried-up tendril is all we see at the moment

The Lord have mercy on unfinished projects 
They really could go either way 
How do you city folk deal with your unfinished projects?

                                                             - Sonali

Friday, June 15, 2018



Some spoke Wheat, some Menhirs, some Daggers, some Oil
Others spoke Hex or Vitriol or even the Avada Kedavra
Along came Polly Glott who could converse with us all
Because she spoke the universal language called Love

Babel - movie
Wheat= agrarian society
Menhirs= stone age
Daggers= metal age
Oil= fossil fuel burning-age

Along Came Polly- Ben Stiller, Jennifer Anniston movie