Sunday, June 23, 2019

THE BLACK PILL or The GNAB GIB theory #Love, Mom #1

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That's existential darkness coalescing into a single point of stillness, The Black Pill

This started out as a letter to my favorite millennials

*{Uh-oh, somebody beat me to the title BLACK PILL, and it's bleak. This is a message of hope. I hope my concept of THE BLACK PILL gains traction over the incel version, which is a bleak version of the RED PILL. 
Or I'll think of something unique to name this concept. Would totally appreciate a little help from you. I'm a little stuck on this one, so I'm having trouble renaming it. 
The GNAB GIB theory is my best so far.}


Since 50% of America's youth is labeled "depressed" researchers got into the nitty-gritty of it wondering how that happened right under their noses.

One of the findings is that natural feelings of existential angst, loss of childhood freedoms and comforting beliefs, a growing awareness of what's wrong with the world ......  all have become labeled as depression.

The bigger discovery is that pessimism and resultant depression are superpowers. Highly intelligent people can see problems a mile and a half away, so they worry and get upset. They are a gift to society and industry because they are forewarned by their natural ability to see problems. Those who are proactive prevent disasters and find workarounds.

Millennials are super smart, creatures of a world the older generation does not fully understand. Don't worry about trying to be happy all of the time. Own that shit, make it your b*+(h, use it to uncover problematic issues, solve problems. Happiness is overrated and underreported. If seeing a firefly or eating ice cream makes you happy, you can be happy any day. If you are waiting to be happy after you've walked on water you're likely going to be unhappy for a while, and even when you feel happiness the euphoria will last 15 minutes and fade over the next 6 months. Choose more things, simple, free stuff, to find joy in.

Here's my solution to owning the darkness generated by life. Know that everything is energy. Swallow the energy of it all. Once you allow your personal energy to work on it, solutions that are suited to you materialize out of nowhere.

Yes, I know, it feels like you have an ocean full of dark energy to swallow.

Remember the Big Bang theory. Make that work for you in reverse. Let the darkness shrink back to a single point of darkness. Swallow that with your morning coffee. Go enjoy your day. You'll digest that energy instead of having the energy feel like a load of lead bricks you have to carry around through life.


Friday, June 7, 2019


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The candle maker in Shakespeare's time sure did a lot of business with the theaters I suppose
The lights that shone onto the stage were exclusively from candles, and perhaps mirrors and lenses
One could say the same about lighthouses back then

Shine a light on theatrics, be a beacon that shows the way to a safe harbor
Be the warm glow that tells it like it is

                                                                                                - SDG

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Thursday, June 6, 2019


Whispers from the all-seeing heart chakra are symbols at best
In the cacophony of auditory signals
The Voice of Reason is the most annoying thing
Most cloying thing
You'll ever hear
Until you learn to see it's musicality
It's awful simplicity
Like a tuning fork responding to another
You'll begin to hum its tune

                                                                - SDG

Hello World

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The Idiot Savant within us is a curious facet of our personalities
It is one-half brilliant, the other half is flawed or, at best, unfinished

Like nesting dolls, you could have a veneer of sophistication several layers deep
And a really rough-hewn center of "Idunnoknownothin'" barely kneaded putty
Or, vice versa

It could be a harlequin patterned mosaic of smart and dumb
You step on a different tile every time you encounter it

You might get the lion and the lamb
Masquerading as an eight-legged gene-edited oddity from the future
Or a mythic beast long extinct from the very distant past

You could very well be interacting with a spin-top spinning at top speed
Atop the carapace of a slow-moving terrapin

Who knows what the Idiot-Savant really started out as
Perhaps a gentle obedient child, or the infamously colicky baby

Our nervous systems can only handle so much
Don't let first impressions fool you

Embrace your inner Idiot-Savant and let it go out and say hello to the world
The world will adjust

                                                                                      - SDG


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Kryptonite is their middle man
On their way to decorating their trophy wall

Know thyself
Know your Kryptonite

Spartan Superperson
You're a long way from Athens

Pass the baton
It's okay to trust

You're in safe hands

                                                                         - SDG

Tuesday, June 4, 2019


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Moving dots on a piece of glass
Have made contact with the chemicals in the brain
Nothing is at it seems
Much is lost in translation
Most of all humanity



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There's one bit of life advice my father gave me that I thought was merely a piece of scientific trivia
I was looking in the mirror and fixing the parting in my hair
He said, "You don't look exactly like your image, you know that?
The lateral inversion changes your face
The light falls on you from different angles
The colors you wear affect your image
You have no idea how different you are from the image you see right now
I can see that, you too need to remember that."

Light, refraction, parallax, reflection, optical illusions, the many versions of change blindness
All had held immense fascination for me as external events
Little did I realize all of that happens on the inside too

Seeing clearly truly is an inside job

Monday, June 3, 2019

Brownie Points

Image result for lakshmi vishnu parvati shiva sarasawti brahma

The man-woman dynamic is a huge part of the glue that holds societies together
You get that one wrong, institutions thousands of years old fall apart
Families don't stand a chance when that apple cart is upset
Children, women, men, everybody suffers for no fault of their own
Too many rom-coms have given the modern age a warped view of how stuff works
The religious texts have also misled the masses
What we see is but a sliver of what we need to know as the children of our parents
Few weave in and out of the archetypes effortlessly
While integrating the ardhanareshwari within and without
Fewer realize it is possible to inhabit them all simultaneously
And integrate their shadows as well
For the gods and the demons dwell in us

                                                                                                                            - SDG

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I am driving west ♫on a dark desert highway♫
In my rearview mirror, I catch a fleeting reflection
Of a single point of light atop the ribbon of a road
The edges of which converge beneath a rising full moon
I flip a coin to decide if I take this exit or the next
My eyes are tired, ♫my soul so weary♫
I find a motel, flip the lights out
And rest my cheek on ♫the flip side of the pillow♫
The air conditioner hums a lullaby
The desert has consumed me
Somewhere out there on the flip side of the moon
Lies a still, dark, sea of tranquility, a desert like this one
Perhaps a weary soul sleeps there too
A moon cricket outside his window, his alarm clock set to 6 am
When my moon and his cease to exist

                                                                                    - SDG

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In the still waters of the pool in my mindscape
A swan glides aimlessly
She is disturbed
She is quiet
She is unruffled
She is sad
She can see her feet paddling
But her reflection is absconding
"What fresh hell is this?"
She asks herself
Out of the water emerges
A scattered splintered mosaic
Bobbing uncomfortably at her feet
Her reflection
Trying to be herself
Still shattered beyond recognition
Someone had taken a rock to the mirror
As people often do without reflecting
On the consequences of their actions
Or perhaps because the destruction of something shiny
Satisfies them beyond belief
But now her reflection speaks in whispers
"Hello, stranger. how are you?"
Silent no more, her reflection has stories to share
Of the deep waters beneath her
Of mermaids, sharks, starfish, anemones, and fishermen
And the deep-sea divers who helped her up to the surface


Sunday, June 2, 2019


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It's June
The monsoon has dumped half a river on the jungle
Rivulets trickle prettily down mossy embankments
The canopy is rich with fresh foliage
The vines are taut and plump with sap
The forest floor damp and slightly cool in the morning air
The sickly sweet stench of burgeoning summer fruit hangs in the air
The seeming stillness of the forest is punctuated by the flight of flies
The squawking of parrots, the rustle of creatures of the night
Coming home to roost

High above on a wide strong branch, I spy a black panther with her eyes shut
Not a twitch, not a sound, and not quite camouflaged in her emerald halo
A coiled bolt of black lightning, a bowstring resting ready to snap
At the lightest touch of an arrow and archer
I imagine her eyes of cold yellow fire burning brightly in her face like night
Hypnotizing in the constancy of a gaze I wouldn't dare to meet
The sheathed fangs and claws, the pink tongue, the jaws of doom
This is not your average house cat, though she looks like one
Mine barely ever catches a mouse, this one's devoured buck and bison
I wouldn't say,"Here, kitty, kitty" even under my breath around here
My place is at my desk by my window, my kitty sitting by my side
As I sip coffee and take in the news

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Grey rock
Boring common pebble
Edges weathered to a smooth finish
Unremarkable in every way
One might imagine it would make a good blank slate
And be completely mistaken


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