Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The Silent Scream

Scream if you must

There is a Father Sky 

A Mother Earth

The River Goddesses

The cherubs on their angel wings

That can hear you and hold you

They can hear a heart breaking from a thousand miles away


                                                               ~ Sonali

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Wind-up Toy

Not of the naturally dull variety
Not one of shabbiness, uselessness, or sameness
Ordinariness of the simple utilitarian sort!
That's what I seek
A falling into the rhythm of ordinary living
Ordinary breathing, nothing fancy and yogic
Ordinary eating, no keto no nothing
Ordinary sleeping, no dreaming, no power-napping
That's what the doctor ordered
The world will pull you this way and that way
Yank your hand back and let out an expletive
You should have your very useful ordinariness
Tossed after you as you walk away

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